"I’ve had people call bullshit on stuff and call bullshit on the ending, like it never happened. Everything in the movie happened. Everything in the movie is real. All the experiences come from somewhere. I wrote as much primary source material as I could, talked to veterans, read tons of military reports, and looked for patterns and take things that felt emotional and representational to tell the emotional journey."

We talk to director David Ayer and Jon Bernthal about the brutality, accuracy, and influences of Fury.



On this day in 2006, Congress passed the Northern California Coastal Wild Heritage Wilderness Act which designated 42,585 acres of the King Range National Conservation Area as wilderness.

The 60,000-acre King Range NCA encompasses 35 miles of remote coastline known as California’s Lost Coast. The mountains are a mix of Douglas-fir forest, chaparral, and grassland, providing habitat for blacktailed deer, elk, black bear and nearly 300 species of native and migratory birds.

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Photos by Bob Wick, Wilderness Specialist for the BLM’s National Conservation Lands